JogoStock monitors stock in real time in a totally autonomous way

Real Time

Manages stock in real time.


Monitors stock and launches events without human intervention.


No installation or wiring required.


From small products to high-volume.

How it works

Each smart storage bin is configured to store a single product and its unit weight. It has a sensor with which it knows at all times the total weight of the product stored and count its number of units.

The user only has to consume or replace elements. Each time a change takes place the smart storage bin can launch different associated events, such as generating an order or alerting of an out of stock.

The smart storage bins work autonomously, wireless and can be placed on any shelf. In addition, an identification system can be added to JogoStock to access the warehouse products.

Smart Storage Bin Configuration

The smart storage bin adapts to all types of products. The two configurable elements are:

  • The load cell
  • It is the sensor that weighs items. It is configurable both weight range and weighing accuracy.

  • The storage bin
  • It is fixed above the base and is fully configurable. It can have different sizes, shapes and materials.


Smart storage bins: the logistics revolution

Stock monitoring in real time
Elimination of human error
Reduction of logistics costs
Economic solution


The solution has a web application that provides full autonomy to manage the contents of smart storage bins in real time.

The solution allows to monitor the stock of each reference of the warehouse and to manage the obtained information to automate actions according to predetermined thresholds, for example, to launch orders, to generate alerts, to solve incidents, etc.


Stock monitoring in real time.


Product identification in the storage bin.


Setting automatic events.


JogoStock has a data analysis software to get the most out of the information generated.

Smart storage bins collect 100% of the transactions produced (withdrawals or replenishments) efficiently.

All the data generated is processed with Business Intelligence and Big Data techniques to facilitate decision making. JogoStock allows, among others, the following functionalities:

  • Real-time stock monitoring
  • Automation of replenishment orders
  • Analysis of trends and causes in the stock evolution
  • Anticipation of out of stock through dynamic alerts
  • Predictive analytics based on consumption history
  • Simulation of possible scenarios
  • Launch of automatic actions based on scenarios

The Logistics Revolution