JogoRoom allows customers to request sizes, colours and complete their look without leaving the changing room


Requests assistance to shop assistants from the changing room without the need to get dressed.


Log in the changing room and unify your online and offline profiles.


Complete your look with personalized recommendations based on your personal preference.

Agile payment

Avoid queues paying with your mobile phone in the changing room.

How it works

The intelligent mirror identifies the garments introduced into the changing room (by barcode or RFID) and shows available sizes and colors, as well as categorized recommendations to complete the look.

The client can request other sizes and colors, for items entered on the changing room, and any of its recommendations. The shop assistants receive the requests in real time on a watch. When they attend them, the customer is notified that their request is on its way.

The customer can choose at any time between the “mirror mode” and “display mode”.

In the “display mode” , the mirror displays the selected items together with their colors and sizes available. It also displays personalized recommendations to complete the look. The customer can:

  • Select colour
  • Select  size
  • Request to the shop assistant
  • Add to cart

When selecting a recommendation, it passes to the main area allowing its selection in other colors and sizes. It can also be requested to the shop assistants.

When the customer requests an item through the “request button”, it is generated an order that also appears in the device of the shop assistants allowing them to:

  • View the item requested, its size, and the changing room from where it has been requested
  • See request details: enlarged picture, reference, family, colour, etc.
  • Attend a request
  • Clean handled requests


Changing rooms will never be the same again

Improves the customer’s experience
Increase sales
Better customer knowledge
Unique customer profile (online + offline)


JuegoRoom has a touch screen in each zone of changing rooms that provides the store with full autonomy in real time allowing to adapt the solution to the needs of the moment.

Changing Room Zone Panel application allows to:

  • Monitor the requested and attended items
  • Control the number of items in each changing room
  • Activate or deactivate display mode on mirrors
  • Manage video / advertising mode in mirrors

The solution is totally flexible and adapts perfectly to the daily operation in the store allowing:

  • Define areas of attention to requests in the store
  • Assign smartwatchs to zoness
  • Assign changing rooms’ requests to zones
  • Manage request’s attention mode

In most cases, JogoRoom is fully integrated with ecommerce. However, JogoRoom has a web application that allows the store to adapt the stock, recommendations and detail of each item at all times.

Catalog application allows to:

  • Control the available stock
  • Select the recommendations associated with each item
  • Adjust the pictures, prices and promotions of each item


JogoRoom gathers a large amount of information about what is happening in the changing room, the place where most times the customer decides if to purchase or not, something that was up until now not measurable. The solution provides a Business Intelligence system to analyse this information through dashboards.

The system shows key business indicators that allow to analyze the whole store sale process, including what happens at in the changing rooms. This is specially relevant because it generates essential information to understand customer’s behavior.
The system is divided into five dashboards that provide an complete insight:

  • Summary: overall situation
  • Changing room: average session duration, occupation rate, requests
  • Shop assistant: response time, attended requests
  • Ranking: scanned products, recommendations
  • Activity: full traceability, conversion rates

Associated with each dashboard, there are a number of reports that provide strong analytical and drilling capabilities into the data gathered.

Customer experience